Curl Co.

Creating unique product photography for a boutique salon’s online store.


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An online store presence is more important than ever for service companies to diversify their revenue. We partnered with boutique salon Curl Co. to shoot product photography to upgrade the look of their store. We took the top products their stylists recommended and set a graphic color look that complemented them.

Curl Co BTS Photos

Our studio already prepped with strobes, a tabletop and setpaper made it easy to get in, set a look and get a ton of quality shots quickly. By making their own content with us Curl Co was able to curate a look that was their own, control the grouping of products to what will sell, and increase sales. We also had a blast stacking and unstacking bottles of product to get the compositions we wanted.

Curl Co blue products
Curl Co Pink Product Shots
Curl Co Green Product Shots
Curl Co Purple Product Shots


  • Matt Royce
    Content Lead