Hi, we're Underbelly Content.

We create rad visual experiences through video, photography, and animation.

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Hadleigh Arnst

Director of Content

He's a half Aussie, half New Yorker that loves quoting The Big Lebowski, but not the quotes everyone knows, just the quotes you'd know if you watch it too much. When not quoting The Big Lebowski you can find him hiking the many canyons in Provo. He’s been making fun content for 17 years and won Cannes Lions, Clios, Webbys and some other ones for his trouble.

  • Times watched The Big Lebowski: 62
  • Quotes people get: 15%
  • Content produced: still counting

Matt Royce

Content Lead

He's a New Hampshire transplant to Salt Lake that enjoys getting tattooed, playing his “music” loud, going to the dentist and trying every beer ever made. When not drinking beer he enjoys making it in his backyard and giving his chiweenie, Doug, all the belly rubs she wants. He’s also pretty great with a camera… and at editing… and animation… and he’s the official president of easing, so just do it right.

  • Beers tasted: 1,468
  • Beers untasted: 3,657,300
  • Animation created with perfect easing: 100%